Alternative Nursing Careers

Becoming a nurse doesn’t restrict your job opportunities to hospitals only. Many alternative nursing careers go beyond a hospital setting. As the nursing industry becomes more diverse, so do your career choices as a registered nurse.

You can practice nursing in various environments once you earn your degree through Madonna’s Accelerated BSN program. Let’s explore some potential alternative nursing careers.

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Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses work one-on-one with patients in a home setting, providing personalized care to individuals who may be disabled, elderly, chronically ill or recovering from surgery. Home health nurses administer medication, assist with mobility and hygiene, and other care-related tasks the patient requires.

This nursing career path can offer flexible hours depending on the position and can be suitable for those who want to form a deep bond with one or a small handful of patients. Home health nurses can work with the same individual for months or years, providing care to suit their evolving needs.

Public Health Nurse

Public health nursing is an increasingly recognized subset of the profession, allowing individuals to intervene and improve health outcomes on a broader, community-based scale. Rather than solely attending to individual patients, these nurses can analyze community health data, assess risk factors, and even lead health campaigns for community-wide issues. This practice area is for those who feel comfortable organizing and undertaking civic action and want to make a wide impact on the people they serve.

Military Nurse

If you’re drawn to nursing and wish to contribute further, consider a career as a military nurse. Serving your country while practicing nursing, you’ll undergo an Officer Basic Leadership Course to familiarize yourself with the military lifestyle. In any branch, you’ll be part of the Nurse Corps, where roles range widely to meet the healthcare needs of enlisted individuals.

Military nurses work in diverse environments, including clinics on bases, in the field, aboard military ships, or on medical aircraft. Military nurses also have the potential for additional incentives like sign-on bonuses and student loan repayment programs.

School Nurse

If you have a drive to work with children but a teaching career is outside your ambitions, a role as a school nurse might be right for you. Operating in private and public schools, from early education to university, school nurses examine and treat illnesses and injuries. This career path offers a consistent schedule and a certain level of independence and autonomy.

Insurance Nurse

If practicing within a traditional clinical environment does not appeal to you, but you still want to learn and leverage medical knowledge, a career as an insurance nurse could be the right path. Nurses in this sector apply their clinical expertise within insurance companies, fulfilling various responsibilities.

Depending on the role, tasks might include evaluating insurance claims or providing wellness advice to clients. This career demands proficiency in math and statistics, alongside solid communication skills and is ideal for those who desire to utilize their nursing background in more administrative tasks.

The results are clear — if you earn a BSN, your career possibilities are endless as demand for registered nurses in all areas is growing fast. Now is a great time to start your degree.

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