Madonna ABSN Requirements and Prerequisites

While you don’t need prior nursing training or healthcare experience to apply for the hybrid ABSN program, you do need to meet certain ABSN requirements before you can begin the admission process, including successfully completing ABSN prerequisites.

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Students will be admitted 3 times a year: fall, winter, summer. We will give students deadlines to submit their items before each start to give ample time for decisions.

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ABSN Requirements for Admission

Students seeking admission to the Madonna University ABSN program may be considered for admission if they fulfill the minimum criteria below:

  • Have completed a minimum of 60 credits with a cumulative 3.0 GPA in all undergraduate coursework (for transfer students) or a confirmed bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative 2.8 GPA from all undergraduate coursework (for post-degree students).
  • Complete an application to the university and submit all official transcripts of coursework.
  • Submit a letter of intent to the College of Nursing and Health.
  • Complete or show proof of expected completion of all prerequisites.
  • Complete a criminal background check.
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Accelerated BSN Prerequisites

While you may satisfy the admission requirements, you may still need to complete prerequisites before starting the hybrid Accelerated BSN program.

Post-Degree Applicants (students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree) must meet all nursing prerequisite, signature, and support course requirements. Students may be required to take additional courses not listed if previous degree coursework fails to meet nursing or university degree program requirements. Each student will be individually evaluated and notified of additional course requirements.

Transfer Applicants (students with previous college coursework, but no bachelor’s degree) must meet all nursing prerequisite, signature, core curriculum, and support course requirements. Students may be required to take additional courses not listed if previous coursework fails to meet core curriculum, university, or nursing degree requirements. Each student will be individually evaluated and notified of additional course requirements.

Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Before enrolling in your ABSN courses, the following prerequisite course requirements must be fulfilled or transferred in. These are separate from your 16-month accelerated track. The courses include:

Science Courses

BIO 2270Microbiology3
BIO 2450Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 2460Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 3710Pathophysiology3
CHM 1610Intro to Life Chemistry4
MTH 2350Probability & Statistics4
NFS 2220General Nutrition for the Health Professional2
NFS 2230Therapeutic Nutrition for the Health Professional2

General Education Courses

PSY 1010Intro to Psychology (pre-req to PSY 2450)3
PSY 2450Lifespan Development Psychology4
SOC 1020Intro to Sociology3
WRT 1010College Composition 3
WRT 1020College Composition II3

Core Curriculum, Signature and Nursing Support Courses

In addition to meeting the above ABSN requirements and completing prerequisites, some students may also need to complete a set of Madonna’s signature courses based on their experience and previous credit prior to enrollment and some core curriculum courses, which can be completed throughout the program.

Additional nursing support courses that only need to be taken after you start the ABSN curriculum are also planned for in your 16-month schedule

Please reach out to your academic advisor for more information on these requirements.

Madonna Writing Assessment

Incoming students who do not have an existing non-nursing bachelor’s degree are also required to write a Madonna Writing Assessment essay created and scored by Madonna University writing faculty for placement in Madonna’s required writing courses. Students have one hour to complete the no-cost writing assessment. All students must fulfill their writing requirements before applying to the hybrid ABSN program.

The assessment can be taken online, and can be taken anytime.

Prerequisite Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take ABSN prerequisites if I need to complete them?

When you’re ready to begin your nursing prerequisites, Madonna University makes it convenient to do so by offering courses on our Livonia campus and online. Completing your prerequisites through Madonna can be a beneficial option.

Do I need to do any research before taking the writing assessment?

No research or special knowledge is required for the writing assessment. Students choose one of two prompts and respond with an essay, using their experiences and observations to support their points.

What is a passing score on the writing assessment?

Transfer students would want to earn a 4T, meaning they don’t need additional writing courses. Even students with low scores can gain acceptance into the university, but they would be required to take a basic writing class.

Does every incoming student have to take the writing assessment?

Students with existing non-nursing bachelor’s degrees do not have to complete a writing assessment.

Contact us to learn more about our admission requirements.

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