Accelerated BSN Prerequisites

While you may satisfy the admission requirements, you may still need to complete prerequisites before you can start the hybrid Accelerated BSN program.

Post-Degree Applicants (students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree) must meet all nursing prerequisite, signature, and support course requirements. Students may be required to take additional courses not listed if previous degree coursework fails to meet nursing or university degree program requirements. Each student will be individually evaluated and notified of additional course requirements.

Transfer Applicants (students who have previous college coursework, but no bachelor’s degree) must meet all nursing prerequisites, signature, core curriculum and support course requirements. Students may be required to take additional courses not listed if previous coursework fails to meet core curriculum, university, or nursing degree requirements. Each student will be individually evaluated and notified of additional course requirements.

Completing Prerequisites through Madonna University

When you’re ready to get started on your nursing prerequisites, Madonna University makes it convenient for you to do so by offering the courses on our Livonia campus and online. Completing your prerequisites through Madonna can serve as a great option and can provide you with many benefits.

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Fall Scholarship Opportunity

Students may qualify for a scholarship in the Madonna University ABSN Fall 2023 cohort when they complete some of their prerequisites at Madonna. Please contact an admissions officer today to learn more about this opportunity.

Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Before enrolling in your ABSN courses, the following prerequisite course requirements must be fulfilled or transferred in. These are not included in your 16-month accelerated track. The courses include:

BIO 2270Microbiology3
BIO 2450Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 2460Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 3710Pathophysiology3
CHM 1610Intro to Life Chemistry4
MTH 2350Probability & Statistics4
NFS 2220General Nutrition for the Health Professional2
NFS 2230Therapeutic Nutrition for the Health Professional2
PSY 1010Intro to Psychology (pre-req to PSY 2450)3
PSY 2450Lifespan Development Psychology4
SOC 1020Intro to Sociology3
WRT 1010College Composition             3
WRT 1020College Composition II3

Signature Courses

These signature courses will need to be fulfilled before you complete the ABSN program, and may be taken in conjunction with your nursing curriculum. Transfer students will need to complete these courses while post-degree students may not need to take them based on experience and previous credit.

CoursesCourse OptionsDescriptionsCredits
Goal 7– Literature and Information FluencyENG 3110/3120, ENG 3630/3640,ENG 3500American Literature I or II, British Literature I or II, Studies in Women’s Literature3
Goal 8 – Religious ValuesOne course from these options: RST 1330, RST 1500, RST 2990, RST 3100
One course from these options: RST 1450, RST 1460, RST 2560, RST 2580  
Survey of Christianity, Catholicism, Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine, Franciscan Values, Social Justice, and Service6
Goal 9 – Diverse PerspectivesENG 4460, HIS 3420, HUM 3210, SOC 3120Ethnic American Literature, Minority Groups in America, Do Animals Matter?, Diversity, Discrimination and Social Justice3

Nursing Support Courses

These courses do not need to be taken before you start your nursing courses, but are part of the curriculum required to receive your BSN. These courses are planned for in your 16-month schedule.

HSP 3500Spiritual & Ethical – Palliative3
MIS 3350Health Care Informatics3
PHL 4110Medical Ethics3
COM 2120Interpersonal Communication3

Core Curriculum

Some of these requirements will be fulfilled by your prerequisite courses, which are to be completed before you begin the ABSN program. The remaining courses can be completed throughout the duration of the program and include:

GoalCourse OptionsDescriptionsCredits
Goal 1A – Written and Communication (fulfilled by prerequisite)Fulfilled by WRT 1010College Composition3
Goal 1B – Personal and Public Communication (fulfilled by prerequisite)Fulfilled by COM 2120Interpersonal Communication3
Goal 2 –Intercultural KnowledgeOne course from these options: AHIS 2020, ENG 2230, HUM 2040 or MUS 2020  Monuments, Media and Culture in World Art, World Literature, Expressive Thinking in the Arts and Humanities, or Music Through the Ages3
Goal 3 – Civil & Global IdentityOne course from these options: HIS 1010, INB 3140, PHL 1010 or PSC 1510World Problems, International Business, Introduction to Philosophy or American Government3