How to Get Into Nursing School

Find a program that is a good fit for you!

1. Find a program that is a good fit for you!

Make sure the school’s values align with your own, that the school is accredited, and that the location is right for you.

Meet with an admissions representative

2. Meet with an admissions representative

Speaking with an admissions representative will help you understand which requirements you’ll need to meet and how to satisfy them. He or she can also help you determine how to fit school in with your life and provide other guidance.

Meet requirements

4. Meet requirements

Make sure to review all the requirements for the program you chose and submit any documents or records.

Make an academic plan

3. Make an academic plan

Making a plan will help you understand how to tackle nursing school and establish a timeline that works for you.

Take prerequisites

5. Take prerequisites

Completing prerequisites will help prepare you for the rigorous course material you’ll encounter in nursing school and make sure you have a solid foundation before beginning your nursing curriculum.

Apply for financial aid

6. Apply for financial aid

Be sure to complete any financial assistance paperwork by the deadline.

Apply for admission

7. Apply for admission

When you have everything together, you’ll be ready to officially apply for admission to a BSN program! Once you receive a decision you’ll be well on your way to becoming a nurse.